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Save the Drama for yo MAMA!!

So as far as the IVF cycles are concerned I am still in a waiting period. Right now I am waiting for my appointment on Mnday 7/21. This is for a sonogram and blood test. I sent in a insurance claim to see if my insurance will cover the "specimen" lol. So they tell me it takes 3 weeks for the claim to be even looked at :(. Disappointing cause I was hoping if it did get approved that I would have it to put toward the procedure. Meanwhile, I am to be taking BirthControl and Prenatals. Since I have been taking these meds my face is breaking out!! UGH! Im sure things will just get worse. So as I am waiting this weekend I have planned ahead is going to be completely exciting. Its my Godsons birhtday this weekend and we have TONS of FUN planned. Friday ( tomorrow, already). We are having immediate family over to celebrate his birthday at home and his cousin William is coming over to stay the night...Saturday he is having a "friends" bday party so at the skating rink... (per his request) how cute!... he is going to have friends over to swim. eat pizza and skate... Hopefully to end about 3 in the afternoon. I will be neeing a break from all the kiddos by then. And Sunday I am planned a babyshower for my sister in law Lauraleigh, That should be fun, she is on her forth.... I would get jealous but its a wasted emotion and they are so great of people they deserve every wonderful beautiful baby they have, she is an awesome mother.. So this weekend is pretty full...So as I am preparing fo the IVF procedure they have advised me to try and remain stress free as much as possible. Meanwhile Amys friend Brooke came to visit om tuesday and informed us she is wanting to stay till next tuesday. and needless to say I am no longer stress free... Brooke brought her girlfriend and her girl ended up punching her in the face.. Can I just say there is nothing I hate worse than people that HIT!  So obvously her girl is no longer with us and I think Brooke will be here longer than expected. which is fine I just wish I had a bigger house during times like these I may start looking and let amy handle the moving part. As of right now we would not be able to move till Septmeber first so its a little ahead of schedule.  So last night was rediculous I did not go to bed till 5 in the morning and had to be at work at 730. NOT very repectful at all. I am not sure wether to be mad at amy or amys friend... Its is just too much drama when I am supposed to try to conceive my baby relatively stress free.  So wish me luck. As always something always comes up.  So I made it work by 930. not bad only 2 hours late and all seems to be pretty cool here.   Amy has a bad habit of wanting to party, I am on a 2 month dry spell from drinking and It is not fun for me to be in a bar without drinking. I need to give her a once a week limit. Im too tired for this shit. plus these BCP and Prenates are causing me to blow up like a balloon. so needless to say I dont feel very attractive, sitting with a bunch of size 0 girls. Ill get over it. 

Till we meet again.


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