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Oh what a night....
Cheese and rice! Err! So tryng to stay on a positive note and man is it hard when Negativity surrounds me. Last night was Katelyns first night without a bottle, she went to bed at 9 and woke up really upset at 12. I couldnt find the bottle so I assumed that Amy threw it away. So I tried consoling her all the ways I could, well about 40 minutes later Amy wakes up and starts talking about how when she does wake up it does get posted on facebook that shes helping and that she's just saying all the comments on facebook. Then she brings up the Sebastain saying he has 2 moms and what I said about Cactus having a God mother.. and she got all bent about that.. then she starts talking about how i talk but I never say anything.. I told her I wanted to punch her in her face that i was so sick of her mouth moving.and her twisting everything. I was so angry I coudlnt sleep.// She kept saying oh yea and its all my fault. Its my faulth that sebastain doesnt sleep well, its all my fault that kate wont wean off the bottle.. truly I am just tired of her face, her mouth, her lies and manipulation. She lies to her sisters straight to their faces all the time. Last night she told me that I ignore my children and am on the phone all night. I have been making an effort to only get on the phone if they are preoccupied with something else. It hurt my feelings cause since August 1st I have been giving them baths, brushing their teeth, making dinner, and geting them to bed ontime. Making sure there school stuff I ready to go. I cant wait to see my counselour.

Well I am at work now I am safe from the negativity. I now just need to get my kids away from it. Im going to try and make today a positive day!.


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