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Can I get some motivation?
Tuesday, was a pretty good day other than the stress from the night before. I came to work, although I didnt feel very accomplish like didnt seem sot get much done although I worked all day. I have to start setting daily goals and not leave until i get those 1-2 goals accomplished. I came to work like every other day. Work was fine. I got home and Amy asked me to go to the grocery store, so i went and took my sweet time. I bought healthy things that I can eat. When I got home I made dinner for myself and the kids. played with them, and grandma came to the door with my BRAND NEW KEURIG!!!!! Oh Happy Day I love Coffee and how nice to start my day with Coffee that is perfect each and every time AND brews in 2 minutes! Doesnt get much better than that. I was also appointed the new Weight Watchers representative and I think that will be the motivation I need to keep on doing well, If I feel that I am representing an entire group and people keep joining becuase others get results.. then I must do well too! I found out my girl crush is single again.. Man that makes it tempting to get out of my life and try something different. I dont know that may just be a momentary lapse of insanity. Man shes HOT!
Amy stayed outside the majority of the night, coming in cause Sebastain came to get her twice. once to let her know he went potty and once to let her know about Grandma. It was a fine night, Amy just acts like nothing happened the night before. Its pretty frustrating. I hate not ever coming to a resolution on things. Shes probably knows I am going to leave and Is just riding it out. When we went to bed she was trying to tickle me and mess around It was fine. i just laughed and giggled and told her i was tired.... so that was it, pretty uneventful.


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