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A new positive evening

I came home and cooked dinner cause for some reason since her dad moved in dinner isn't cooked. She didn't do dishes, I didn't see any artwork done.. What did she so all day?! So anyway after dinner I asked Seby If he wanted to go to the park.. Well the park then turned into grmdma dees for swimming which is fine but it was getting late and I've been trying to get Kate asleep by 8.830. While we we were swimming I mentioned how Seby tells everyone he has 2 moms and how cactus at that age knew to not say he has 2 moms..because it may cause attentions.. And she literally started saying Why are you getting at?? What are you trying to say? I literally felt attacked.. Like I had to defend something I was saying when I was just stating the differences between children.. I really hate that we are about to get into a confrontation feeling.. Ugh.so I told her I was just stating.. And I dropped it..
we left and she wanted to go to heb so I got her to drop me off, I got Kate to sleep without a bottle might I add!! Go Katie!! She is doing great! How can I stay positive in this environment!


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