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Sunday.. Funday? NOT!
So sunday is supposed to be my Day off. No kids, except my own. To clean, relax, have fun, shop.. what ever my little heart desires. Well Amy decided to get emotional about a text her sister wrote her. When she did she decided to stay in the shed and watch TV with her father all day. So instead of being able to relax with my kids and go do whatever I wanted I stayed indoors with mine and the other Daycare kids and cleaned. Absolutely NO relaxing was accomplished. Lauraleigh was supposed to pick her kids up at 5, she didnt arrive till 7. I was stuck ALL DAY not getting the stuff I wanted done, done. ERRrr! How frustrating!
after they were picked up, I fed the kids, bathe them and put them to bed by 9-930. Which is great, but Amy came in Complaining that she needed to spend some time with Cactus. (UM.. news flash you could have spent the entire day with him instead of outside watching TV with your father). So at 900 She went in with cactus and didnt come out till 1100. PS- She never goes to bed at 10:00. Which just proves to me that she was trying to manipulate me and control me with the wedding shit.

I should add after the babies went to sleep I watched Dispicable Me AND took a long shower! Fantastic! I can really get used there early bedtimes :) Whoo hooo!


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