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Mary's WEDDING: Cake Day 2
Woke up to get started on The wedding Cake. I did the cupcakes first and the colors of the icing were amazing, and the Chocolate L's looked great too. I got them all set up and the wedding cake and grooms cake smoothed and ready to decorate. the Wedding cake was EASY!.So the night before I dreamt the Grooms cake and it turned out amazing. I was so proud of myself. I cant beleieve I was actually creative again and was able to show my vision. With Pinterest and such my creativity has been lacking, I usually just get my ideas from there. Sad I know. Ede and I went to lunch today and she help me get the cake delivered how nice to have her help. I finished decorating about 2, and got dressed by about 330. I think this is pretty excellent time cause sebastain got stung by a bee and I had some other little things I forgot at the house so I had to go back and forth.. But I made alist so I didnt forget anything when delivering to the wedding. Ede and I were able to get the cake into the Acocado cafe before it rained. God Loves me. WOW! perfect timing! The cake looks AMAZING! the wedding was so hot and humid, but it was beautiful. I am so happy she is happy. Zack is wonderful, or seems to be. The reception was nice the food was good. Amy started texting me to hurry up, asking IF I was going to come home. So I get home at 10pm. She was sleeping (She never is alseep by 10 NEVER!) and all the kids were asleep and her sisters kids were there too! She was mad that I was gone so late and I didnt tekll her thank you ofoe watching the kids. (She was asleep- I didnt even get to talk to her, really). I laid down to go to sleep and I was just wound up cause I really wasnt ready to come home.. so i sat on the recliner and Amy came in ther and slapped my phone out of my hand.. and started yelling at me.. I really need to leaveher. I even asked if I could let my mom watch them so she could have a break and of course she said NO.. in my opinion if you say NO you are not intitled to complain. So anyway by the end of the night she was acting like nothing happened (Like always) and wanted to see pictured. which i had already asked her if she wanted to see them.

So so sick of her manipulative mind fucking. I really was apprecaitive of her watching the kids, this was my SISTERS WEDDING! She made me leave early.. Give me a fucking break!


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