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Katelyn is 15 months old.
Today was a pretty good day. We went to garage sales, and ate breakfast. Had Rouke's birthday party. Katelyn and Sebastian went to sleep on time. Next accomplishment will be to get Katelyn off the bottle and Sebastian in his own bed. Sebastian went to the potty himself. Katelyn is now 15 months old has said, dog, Mama, Mama Amy, Boo (blueberries), shrink (drink) and this weekend she said BALL, and Nana (banana). My little girl is getting so smart. She knows she has to drab a chair to get to things she needs to reach.

I felt a little guilty cause I didn't do any cleaning today. I wanted to get my 1 thing accomplished today. So Monday Night I will need to get 2 things accomplished :). I also do not feel like I ate well. Not excited about tracking that junk, but I will. i went grocery shopping this should help me this week.


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