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28 weeks. Pictures and update

Mama Clara at 26 weeks and Katelyn at 28 weeks 3D sono.

28 weeks officially tomorrow. I have gained a whopping 25 pounds, Dr. said I need to lay off the carbs ( BOO, HISS!) lol. I had my 3 D sonogram last week and it turned out so good, I got confirmation that I am 100% having a girl. So she really will be named Katelyn and I have purchased a swing and have been given TONS of baby girl clothes so I am excited to be able to dress her up. Today is the day my water broke with sebastian so I think everyday after today is a good day. I have 12 weeks to go and I am so very exhausted but I cant tell if its pregnancy or if its my little 3 year old that wants every second of my attention. Im trying really hard to enjoy this very last pregnancy.


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