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20 weeks--Katelyn Dee
Half way there.. Whoo hoo!! Can't wait to meet my baby girl. I am a little scared tho. I got in a car accident and it was pretty bad. but I went to NCBH and they chked me and the baby out and they said all is ok. I have been feeling her ALOT so I am sure everything is ok. But still alittle scary. I have a follow up appts on Jan 4th - with reg OB (this will be a doppler only appt. However, I may push for a sono cause of the accident. I dont know if its up to me or not. Then I have a appt on Jn uary 10th with the specialist. This is definitley result in a sono. I will defineilty be confirming its a girl. I still feel like its a girl but just wanna check again :)

So I posted on the Baby Names message board and its unanimous that Katelyn Dee sounds better that Katelyn Adell. and it means so much more cause its my mothers first name. So Katelyn Dee it is we have been calling her "Katie". I discussed it with Amy and she loves it too so.. its decided.

My official 20 week mark is on Monday so I will be taking pictures on that day. I havnt taken picture since my 13th week so its about that time again.


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