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Pictures and Baby names....-Almost 18 weeks
So without further ado.. my baby girl..

Here are her gender bits :)

So Here are the names I like.. and the only names Amy will consider..
Emma, Adell, Ella, Vivian, Alice, Violet, Clara ( my name) and Story. I randomly started talking to her and said I like the nickname Katie or Kate. We both decided we didnt like Kathryn or Kathleen. I said well what about Kaitlyn. So she said that its.. we will name her kaitlyn.. i was like whoa... i had other names i liked too.. we both agree and kaitlyn it is.. geez... i hate when she makes decisions for me.. so not In the back of my head I have to think if im gonna piss her off when I change it at delivery.. I* may just keep it cause I still like Kaitlyn I just dont like being TOLD. Im also considering how to spell the darn thing
Middle names Im considering..
Katelyn Adell- Kaitlyn Dee -Kaitlyn Dee Adell--

I think ill post on a baby board for inspiration..

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Congratulations on your soon-to-be little girl! How exciting!

Yay! Little girls are cool!

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