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15 weeks and things are looking up
So since my last update, Things are still rough but not horrible like they were. Around 12 weeks my morning sickness went away and i come and goes occasionally but at least its not every day. I still have heartburn when i eat spaghetti, pizza, anything red saucey. I still have no energy but at least im not sick on top of it. I had my 1st OB appt during my 13th week and it was not a great experience. I had some mild spotting the saturday before my appt and my dr was fighting with the nurse that he didnt want me to have a sono.then he told me that he thinks i had a infection that could have caused my water to break prematurely with sebastian. so i asked if i would be gettgin a urinalysis// he told me that is not a routine test. i have read in multiple books that this IS a routine check. I also asked for a referral to a high rish dr and he said he would do that with my next appt. I have had 2 miscarriages..and 1 premature labor..and now bleeding i'd say that is hi risk..and he shows no urgency.. I am giving him 1 last try on December 5th. If at that visit I do not like the flow of things I will request my records and move to a new dr. lets hope i dont have to do that. My belly is showing FOR SURE! I took a picture at 13 weeks, and I still dont know if its a boy or girl. I had the sono at 13 weeks but he wouldnt tell me what he thought. I am really hoping that at my 16 week appt he lets me know what the gender is. IM not sure if that should be in my criteria for a new dr. He didnt want to tell melast time until 20 weeks.. and that is just too long to wait :)
I really want a girl but I am torn cause i want another little boy too. I saved all sebastians clothes and stuff that I just really liked..so i would love the new baby to wear it, and if its a girl we cant do that.and Ill have to get rid of some of his stuff. But if its s girl i get to buyall new cute stuff.. im torn I think Ill actually be happy with either.


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