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10 weeks and miserable

I am 10 weeks and I feel horrible not just morning sickness.. Like everything miserable! #1 I feel guilty for not being a bottle full of sunshine like I was with Sebastian. I feel guilty for feeling
Like I wish I was 9 months steady so I could have the baby.. I am hating being pregnant.. With Sebastian I was so happy and I thought every time would be like this.. Well it's not.. I have had morning sickness not vomiting just constant nausea 24 hours a day.. I refuse to take Zofran cause it's not FDA approves... I can't crap.. Everything I eat is gigot me heartburn.. I have no energy.. Like none like I bent showered in 3 days cause I can't muster up the energy.. Just gross! I have horrible gas.. Nothing taste good.. I'm not even motivated to pick out names.. Or shop or anything!! What is wrong with me.. I haven't taken belly pictures!! Just miserable.. I feel like a bad mommy..to the new baby... :( so sad and I'm hoping the second trimester turns around a new attitude..

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Talking to your doctor about being prescribed an antihistamine and Vitamin B6. Both have been shown to reduce pregnancy nausea.

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