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9 weeks- so far so good.

I had my 9 week sonogram yesterday and today they called me with my blood test results. My little baby is doing good so far. I got to see 2 arms and 2 legs and a heartbeat of 167. My estrogen levels are still through the roof so they are taking me off my patches. and my progesterone was 37. They are debating wether or not to decrease my progesterone levels. I only have 1 last appointment with them at 11 weeks and 2 days. I have sono picture so i can post them today for y'all. I fell good. Nausea is coming and going so i am hoping its gonna go all together soon. I figure when they take me off all these fertility drugs the symptoms wont be so strong.
My nest appt is November 3rd. I will updated after that.

I feel a little scared. I had another siblings mother contact e at ask if i had any other vials. well i had 2 back ups that i hadnt purchsed yet but i went ahead and gave her the information. As I am only 9 weeks its really scary cause if something happens I dont have reserves. I do know after this baby is born I do not want any other children, so thats why i thought no harm.. but then the certainty of this baby is scary.. all is going well but scary cause i have basically given the ability to have another one away :( Im sure its fine. Im excited and hope all is healthy and well this baby.


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