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Take 2 for baby #2--

Ok so it's been over a year since I have posted anything.. I have been absolutely horrible so I will be trying to update Sebastians life for the last year and
Start updating what's going on. For the last two months I have been taking prenatal riding my life of caffeine and trying to lose weight. I was going to wait until Sebastian was 3 but with a little push from my obgyn.. I decided to give it a go again. He said Clara.. Your mother went through menopause at about 36 so you will most likely too.. So if you want a couple more you best get started :) so I made my consultation for august 18.. And I have a goal weight of 200 by that time. Right now I'm about 215ish. And good thing I decided to try again because I was randomly chatting with my HR rep and she told me that my insurance will b changing in the next year.. So I need to use my sperm I have at the fertility clinic just in case I can't go to them again. Then I will have 1 vial left at the cryobank. so I could potentially try twice by the end of the year.. I have requested to move my 1st cycle up prior to august 18 and waiting for a phone call..

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