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Monday and Tuesday drama...ugh

 I have a lot to discuss today. So by level of priority/severity here I ramble.

1. IVF appointment- This morning I went to my fertility dr. I start my Lupron injections the needle isnt that big so they are relatively painless. Only thing is they state the "side effects" are mood swings, bloating, and headaches. Yeah for me. I am excited to start this procedure so TO DATE. I have exactly 5 days left of the BCP. and taking Lupron for only 20 days. My next appointment is 7/31, this is for a sonogram to make sure my body is reacting to the Luron. if not then I have to start it all over again. ( YUK) I hoipe to get my results of my annual back today or tomorrow.  Next update on thsi subject not till 7/31.

2. MY WEIGHT (holy shit)- Since I have been taking all this medicine I have gained ( drumroll please) 25 whopping pounds. so I ask the dr if I could take bread completely out of my diet. I will be taking out all sugar except for fruit. YES, I am so happy. I do not fit into any of my clothes so Today I am starting a weight log to help me get to a manageble weight. This morning I weighed in at 225. Wish me luck. Tracking my eating see below.

3. My "unwanted" guest~ so I have a conflicted heart. Amys ex is living with us and all is fine but for some reason I just do not feel safe with them 2 alone. ( duh) and I dont want her to go back to NM where she was being beated. I actually like her as a person but I just cannot get past that this is Amys ex and the last time she was down I had a couple people tell me she was trying to hit on amy. (NOT OK) so I am conflicted about this. as I mosy around my house I just cant help but think soon Clara, just hang in there. I know Amy doesnt want her but still leaves me uneasy.  She went out with us on Sunday night and It seems as if she is trying to mess with two of my friends relationships. I guess if there relationship is strong then they will be unaffected but this girl is manipulative and charming ( until you get to know her) A well I guess time will tell. I hope to not end up pregnant and alone, cause of this girl.

4. Amy and Cactus~a. Amy. she is being really loveypossible due to the unwanted houseguest. who knows, maybe cause she came to my fertility appointment drunk from the night before, I was really dissappointed in her due to that. I seem to get really overwhelmed by the whole baby making and I really need her ears due to my ADD. So she disappointed me. Cactus~loves his Nintendo WII. We cannot get him off the damn thing. I need to use that thing possibly to lose weight.. 

food tracker for the day:
6am-thyroid pill
615-Lupron injection
730-2 eggs and apple juice

12pm- BCP
1pm-3 chicken strips


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